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you were too perfect for me my love...

you were too perfect for me my love...

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This 14 by 11 inch, 100% cotton canvas features an expertly rendered modern cubism art featuring blue and pink toned acrylic inks. The unique combination of colors creates a love and hesitation story that is sure to draw attention to any wall. The perfect combination of texture and art allows this piece to be easily incorporated into any home décor.

This canvas portrays how a single glance can elicit a sense of inseparability. Was it the kind of inseparability that leads to our destruction or captivating bliss? This canvas' exquisite illustration of your true inner beauty and loveliness was enthralling. Showcasing what could bring either sorrow or delight. This was created for those who need a little extra assurance that they are appreciated. Offering a unique and meaningful way to express an unbreakable bond.


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